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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use plastic signs outside?
Yes you can. It is worth saying that over time the elements of the weather – in particular wind, rain and sunshine - may slightly dull the visual impact of your sign but it will still be legible for years to come. That said, many of our customers do end up going for the same sign message on an aluminium sign. This is better able to withstand the elements. It will also look better from day one onwards.

What can self-adhesive vinyl signs be affixed to?
The only time you should order a self-adhesive vinyl sign is when you are affixing it to smooth, flat, dry and clean surface. For this reason vinyl signs (or stickers or labels as they are often referred to) are ideal for applying to windows, mirrors, tiles and doors. However, it may be better to use plastic or aluminium signs for less than smooth walls, where air or moisture may get in between the sign and the wall.

I need a bespoke size, shape or material that isn’t shown on your website. Can you help?
Our profession is printing. One way or another we can pretty much print any sign on any material you require. If you cannot see the sign you want on this website and you cannot make it in the Custom Made Signs section of the website, give us a ring or send us a message.

I wish to order from outside of the UK, can you assist?
While the website is unable to take orders from overseas, we are happy to help via email or phone (+44161 724 1611). We should perhaps say we regularly supply clients in Europe, the Middle East and further afield. When quoting we will always give you the full costs, including shipping, and a realistic delivery timescale.

I like the look of 'x', however I'd like to modify it slightly, can you do this?
In short the answer is yes. In truth we actually prefer customers that say I want a sign like that but with this instead, rather than giving us a completely blank canvas to start from.

I need a bespoke sign but isn't this going to be very expensive?
In recent years we have been able to drive down the cost of making custom made signs. As you will see from the custom made signs section of this website, we have passed these production savings directly on to you. Often the special signs we make are only a touch more than you would pay for a standard sign that we print thousands of every year!

Branding is important to us - can you show my logo?
Our designers are equipped and well used to deal with branding requests. Whether it’s working within your strict corporate guidelines or simply working to a general colour scheme and layout, SSP have the experience and eye for detail that really counts when it comes to promoting your organisation on a sign, visitor pass system or permit to work.

I have a sign but wish to affix it to a sign post
Where a customer already has a sign but needs the tracking/channelling for the rear of it, we now do a pair of channelling strips with an ultra strong adhesive strip on the rear. This product should be affixed to the sign and left to bond over 24 hours before you attempt to then affix your sign to a sign post using anti-rotational clips. Please note, this channelling strip is far more effective on aluminium and dibond signs than it is on plastic signs.

How long do personalised visitor passes take to print?
Usually 2-3 weeks from the point of you approving the artwork we set for you. Like any special on this website, please note we will not print your visitor passes until you have approved and signed off the artwork we send through to you on email.

I want evacuees to go through the door and then right. What direction should the sign above the door be pointing?
Up. Under BS5499 it is your job to get them through the door. If they saw a right arrow they may attempt to turn right before the door. Once through door they should then be able to see the next fire exit signs taking them ultimately to a place of safety. As a footnote to this, if immediately beyond the door there is a slope or step, then use a downward point arrow above the door rather than up.

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