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Hazardous Substances Permit To Work Self Duplicating Forms

Hazardous Substances Permit To Work Self Duplicating Forms

From £6.95 + VAT

These popular Hazardous Substance Permits to Work are designed to ensure Contractors comply with the Company's health policy and all relevant Health and Safety Legislation. They also help businesses determine whether a contractor has Public and Employee Liability Insurance, and can provide a Method Statement on request.

Each Permit is made up of an original top copy and two duplicate sheets. The back copy is made of card. On the reverse of this is a temporary warning sign should the contractor be required to display this while on site.

Type Size RRP Today's Price Delivery Quantity
Self Duplicating Paper (3 Sheets Including original), Orange and Black, Set of 10 A4 (297x210mm) £9.70+VAT £6.95+VAT
1 - 2 Days
Self Duplicating Paper (3 Sheets Including original), Orange and Black, Set of 25 A4 (297x210mm) £21.00+VAT £14.98+VAT
1 - 2 Days
Self Duplicating Paper (3 Sheets Including original), Orange and Black, Set of 100 A4 (297x210mm) £73.50+VAT £52.50+VAT
1 - 2 Days

More Information

In recent times, permits to work have become a cornerstone of the SSP business. Over the years we have developed something over ten different permits to work. These are standard products that are available in packs of ten, 25s and 100s. Each standard permit is printed on self-duplicating A4 paper, featuring a top copy and two duplicating lower copies. This gives enough copies - one for the contractor, one for the responsible person on site and one for the office. Importantly, this gives that organisation (our customer) proof that the proper procedures have been followed.

Uniquely, our standard permits to work also feature a warning sign on the rear. This is so the contractor can place this in a conspicuous area whilst he or she undertakes the work in hand.

Another important feature of our standard permits to work are that each one is uniquely numbered, helping you create an audit trail of all contractors to your site.

Each of our standard permits starts out by stating the following:
• Only the work specified and agreed should be carried out
• Work area should be left in a safe and tidy condition at all times
• Work should be done in line with all relevant Health and Safety legislation and the company’s own Health and Safety guidelines
• Copies of current Public and Employees’ Liability Insurance and a Method Statement should be provided on request

Before any assessment is undertaken, the permit asks the responsible person to complete the following:
• Give a list of equipment, tools and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) required to complete job:
• Who could be affected by this work:
• Job Details: 
• Location of work:
• List known hazards at this location:

In all cases the permit asks how many people are undertaking the work and, if it is just one, it asks the question is it safe to work alone?

In addition to all the standard text stated above, SSP permits pose a number of critical questions that must be addressed before work can commence. These include:

1. Has an assessment of health and safety risks been made?
2. Have you received all of the necessary information / instruction?
3. Are adequate control measures in place for substances with MELs or OESs?
4. Will these controls reduce exposure below the MELs?
5. Are monitoring procedures in place? If yes, state intervals?
6. Are plans in place if control measures fail?
7. Are there means for safe storage and disposal?
8. Are there adequate provisions for eating, drinking, washing, clothing?
9. Are you fully aware of the emergency procedures?
10. Are the safety data sheets available for consultation?

Once all of the permit is complete there are two sign-offs required; one by the person in charge and one by the person authorising the work. The text accompanying each sign off is as follows:

PERSON IN CHARGE: “I confirm that I have verified the job detailed on this form and ensured that all necessary precautions have been taken. The work will be undertaken in a safe manner. All risks and precautionary measures have been explained to all workers involved. I accept responsibility for carrying out this work.”

PERSON AUTHORISING WORK: “This permit will be issued on the understanding that all agreed safe systems of work will be adhered to and that any risk or hazard shall be maintained at a level as low as is reasonably practicable.”

The person authorising the work is also required to state when the permit is valid from and valid to.

Once complete, at the hand back, the permit then asks both the person in charge and the person authorising the work the following:
PERSON IN CHARGE: “I confirm that the work is COMPLETE / PARTIALLY COMPLETE” (delete as appropriate). 
“I have checked the work and confirm the work area is left in a safe and tidy condition.”

PERSON AUTHORISING WORK: “I have inspected the work. I confirm that it is COMPLETE / PARTIALLY COMPLETE (delete as appropriate) and that the work area is left in a safe and tidy condition.”

Finally, at the end of each permit there is a tick box asking if all the services have been restored.

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