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Warning Signs

All our Hazard and Warning signs are available on a next working day basis if ordered before 3pm.


Where appropriate, our signs are designed to meet the requirements of ISO EN7010 and/or BS5499.

General Warning
from just 80p
Yellow Freestanding Signs
from just 10.90
Fragile Roof
from just £1.74
Electrical Warning
from just £1.31
Forklift Truck Warning Signs
from just £1.74
Harmful Substances
from just £1.76
CCTV and Security
from just 1.31
Multi Purpose Signs
from just £1.85
Flammable Risk
from just £1.31
Explosive Atmosphere
from just £1.74
Hot & Cold
from just 80p
from just £1.90
from just 96p
from just £1.91
from just £1.91
Confined Spaces
from just £1.91
from just £4.86
Wet Paint
from just £1.91
from just £1.91

Featuring black text on a yellow background, warning signs are designed to convey potential hazards within an area. Incorporating a yellow triangle within a black triangle, an exclamation mark or suitable image is shown alongside the text.

In terms of the symbols used, where there is an available symbol it is taken from BS EN ISO 7010:2012. Where there is no such symbol in 7010, we take the symbol from British Standard 5499.

In terms of the text, under the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 (as amended in 2002), all text shown must be prefixed with one of three words: Danger, Warning or Caution. Loosely speaking, how we select which of these three words to use is dependent on the levels of danger:

Caution: Is used if the sign relates to something that presents very little physical threat eg, caution out of order
Warning: moderate danger – this could be harmful, eg Danger Moving traffic
Danger:  The most severe danger. Worst case scenario this sign is warning you about something that may seriously hurt of kill you e.g. Danger Electricity

All warning signs shown in this category are available on a next working day basis if ordered before 3pm, Monday to Friday.

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