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Material Guide

1mm Semi-Rigid Plastic
If you are unsure what material to buy, choose 1mm thick plastic. This semi-rigid material can be used inside and out. Although not as hard wearing as aluminium or polycarbonate it is still very durable. It is also far more cost effective. Please note, to affix these signs you will invariably need to use screws, silicon, double sided tape or grab adhesive.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl
If the surface you are affixing to is smooth, flat, dry and clean, a self-adhesive sign would be perfect. Ideal for internal use, these signs (also known as labels or stickers) with their strong adhesive backing, are ideal for applying to windows, mirrors, tiles and doors. However, it may be better to use plastic or aluminium signs for a less-than-smooth wall, where air or moisture may get in between the sign and the wall.

Aluminium is ideal for use outside or for harsh industrial environment. With rounded corners (for health and safety reasons) and a superior finish, our standard and special aluminium signs are both incredibly durable and aesthetically pleasing.

3mm thick Reflective Aluminium
There are two grades of reflective aluminium: Engineer grade reflectivity, which is RA1, and high intensity that is Class R2. To differing degrees both become instantly visible when car lights or street lights hit them:

Class RA1 Reflective Aluminium (formerly class 2) has a minimum lifespan of 7 years. It is ideal for use on industrial sites, yards, around private buildings, private roads and side roads.
Class R2 Reflective Aluminium (formerly Class 1) has a minimum lifespan of 10 years. Featuring honey comb reflective prismatic panels, this material has a very high level of reflectivity. This higher grade reflective sign should be installed on motorways, public highways, dual-carriageways and any stretch of lit roads.

Please note all our standard road signs, whether RA1 or R2, conform to the European road sign standard BS EN 12899-1:2007, which replaced the UK’s now obsolete British Standard BS873

The 2mm thick polycarbonate signs are often used outside as they offer a degree of resistance to vandalism. Made from the same material that many modern day bus shelters are made from, this sign will not easily shatter or break. The message is also printed on the underside making defacing of the sign more difficult. It is also easier to clean without destroying the message.

Size Guide
When we display the size on this website, the first number relates to the width and the second number the sign’s height. Please see below for our millimetre-to-inches conversion guide:

Sign Sizes millimetres to inch conversion chart